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Indya Bungy is a bungee jumping operator in Goa called Goa Bungy. We offer bungee jumping experiences at the south and North GOA.  The bungee jumping platform is placed at India’s highest inclined tower, and participants can jump from a height of 61 meters. Goa Bungy adheres to safety guidelines and has experienced and trained staff  to ensure the safety of participants. The equipment used for bungee  jumping is regularly inspected and maintained to ensure safety  standards. 

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Overall, Goa Bungy is a reputable Bungee jumping operator in Goa  that provides a safe and thrilling experience for adventure enthusiast.It's important to note that bungee jumping can be a dangerous  activity if proper safety measures are not followed, so it's essential to only participate with a reputable and experienced bungee jumping company. We are registered with Ministry of Tourism (MOT), Government of Goa, GOA Tourism and we are allied member of ATOAI (Adventure Tour Operator of Association India)  

Additionally, Bungee jumping is not recommended for individuals with certain medical conditions or for those who are pregnant. Before participating in bungee jumping, it's recommended that individuals  consult with their doctor to ensure that it's safe for them to participate. 

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