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the equipments


Static rope: We use slings, kern mantle and braided ropes. The size of a double braided rope is 10mm. The breaking strength of this rope is 25 KN (Kilo Newton). This rope is made up of nylon and polyester. 

Full Body Harness: We use high quality fully padded body harness with a D-ring and locking system. These harnesses are tested at extreme conditions. The sizes available in these harnesses are XS, S, M, and XL. These harnesses are fully adjustable according to size and shape of the body. 

Ankle harness: This harness is designed and engineered specially for bungy jumping and they meet all the standards under SANZ (Standard of Australia and New Zealand) regulations. This ankle harness is double padded with two buckles on each ankle and constructed with 100 mm specs webbing. 

Bungy Rubber Cord: These cords are specially designed to operate bungy jumping. After the jump these latex rubber cord gives 350% to 400% elongation and provide a smooth flight. These cords meet all the desired specification required by SANZ (Standard of Australia and New Zealand).​We use high quality of latex imported from Malaysia and Thailand. Our jump masters then weave these latex strands as per the weight requirement. Our rubber has a silicon coating, which minimise the friction between the individual strands. We use special compounds and covering to protect the rope from UV rays, sunlight and dust. During the manufacturing of rope, 2 Teflon bobbins are wrapped up to both of its ends.​Even our ropes have a double safety system. We infuse an extra safety line with bungy cord during the process of its manufacturing. 

Carabiners: We use high quality, good branded carabiners. They are having double-lock system that minimize chances of failure. The capacity of carabiners are 25 KN and 40 KN, which is strong enough for bungy jumping. 

Walkie-Talkie: This is a very important equipment to conduct bungy jumping. We use high quality of modern equipment for conducting jumping. Walkie-Talkie helps in communication between ground staffs, jumpmasters and jumpers. It avoids further mis-communication and any chances of errors. 

2mtr safety line: We use a 2mtr safety line to connect the full body harness to the jumpers with the bungy rubber cord as a double safety. In case of any failures with ankle harness, the safety line keeps the jumpers attached to the bungy cord, hence protects jumpers from accidents. 

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