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We are having experienced and very energetic young crew. We ensure each and every SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures) to be strictly followed before any jump. As India doesn’t have any standard operating procedure for bungy jumping, we follow all guidelines and standards by SANZ (Standard of Australia and New Zealand). All the equipment are of good quality and with safety certificates. Our Jump Directors ensure all safety parameters before conducting jumps. 


  • Heart problem. 

  • High Blood Pressure. 

  • Spondylitis. 

  • Back ache. 

  • Recent Fracture. 

  • Any dislocations. 

  • Epilepsy. 

  • Pregnancy. 

  • Osteoporosis. 


  • Always wear shoes for jump. 

  • No loose jewellery at the time of jump. 

  • Empty all pockets before jump. 

  • No bungy jump under the influence of alcohol. 

  • Strictly follow instruction by the crew. 

  • Payments once done are not refundable. 

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Waiver form: Our expert jump director provides jumpers with information on Terms and Conditions applied for bungy jump and gets signature on agreement. Safety Harnessing: We bring jumpers to the harnessing area and gets them harnessed. The harnessing of each jumper are checked thoroughly by 3 of our jump masters. 


Scary ride to the height of Jump: Our mobile jumping-platform takes the jumpers to the height from the foundation of the tower. 


Briefing: Jumpers will be provided with thorough information on our safety measures, jumping-styles and postures, and recovery from height by our jump masters who go along with them to the height. 


Jump: The height along with vast green-terrain beneath can give jumpers a sense of shiver through spine. So, try not to scream if you have got more guts. 


Recovery: After the jump, the jumper is released from the height to the floating-barge over the small lake at the bottom. Afterwards our crew will unharness him/her and then you are 

free to go. 


Souvenir: All the jumpers are our heroes. Jumpers will be provided with Bungy-Hero certificates after the jumps. 

Goa Bungy is a reputable Bungee jumping operator in Goa that provides a safe and thrilling experience for adventure enthusiasts. 

It's important to note that bungee jumping can be a dangerous activity if proper safety measures are not followed, so it's essential to only participate with a reputable and experienced bungee jumping company. We are registered with Ministry of Tourism (MOT), Government of Goa, GOA Tourism and we are allied member of ATOAI (Adventure Tour Operator of Association India)  

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