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ATOAI ( Adventure Tour operator Association of India) on Bungee Jumping   

The Adventure Tour Operators Association of India (ATOAI) is a national association that represents the adventure tourism industry in India, including bungee jumping operators. The ATOAI works to promote adventure tourism and to establish safety standards and best practices for adventure activities. The ATOAI has developed guidelines and safety standards for adventure tourism activities, including bungee jumping, which are based on international best practices. These guidelines cover aspects such as the selection of equipment, the qualifications and training of staff, and the management of risks associated with adventure activities. Overall, the ATOAI plays an important role in the development and promotion of adventure tourism activities in India, including bungee jumping, and in ensuring that these activities are conducted in a safe and responsible manner. ATOAI has developed guidelines and standards for adventure tourism activities, including bungee jumping. The guidelines cover areas such as equipment, safety procedures, staff training, and risk management, and are designed to ensure that adventure tourism activities are conducted in a safe and responsible manner. Overall, ATOAI plays an important role in promoting safety and best practices for adventure tourism activities, including bungee jumping, in India. Individuals interested in bungee jumping in India are advised to choose an operator who is a member of ATOAI, as they will be more likely to adhere to safety guidelines and standards. Goa Bungy is a reputable Bungee jumping operator in Goa that provides a safe and thrilling experience for adventure enthusiasts. It's important to note that bungee jumping can be a dangerous activity if proper safety measures are not followed, so it's essential to only participate with a reputable and experienced bungee jumping company. We are registered with Ministry of Tourism (MOT), Government of Goa, GOA Tourism and we are allied member of ATOAI (Adventure Tour Operator of Association India)  

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