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SANZ ON Bungee jumping  

India is not having our standards on Bungee Jumping, so we follow SANZ In Australia, the Australian Adventure Activity Standards (AAAS) provide guidelines for bungee jumping and other adventure activities. The AAAS outline requirements for equipment, training, and risk management, as well as standards for the conduct of the activity. In New Zealand, bungee jumping is regulated by the Adventure Activities Regulations 2016, which set out safety requirements for adventure activities including bungee jumping. The regulations require that operators have appropriate safety systems in place, and that equipment is regularly inspected and maintained to ensure safety. 


Both Australia and New Zealand also have industry associations that work to promote safety and best practices for bungee jumping and other adventure activities. In Australia, the Australian Adventure  Tourism Industry Association (AATIA) represents the adventure tourism industry, while in New Zealand, the Adventure Tourism Association (ATA) represents adventure tourism operators and provides industry training and safety guidelines. 


Overall, bungee jumping in Australia and New Zealand is generally considered to be a safe activity when conducted with reputable and experienced operators who adhere to safety standards and 


Goa Bungy is a reputable Bungee jumping operator in Goa that provides a safe and thrilling experience for adventure enthusiasts. It's important to note that bungee jumping can be a dangerous activityif proper safety measures are not followed, so it's essential to only participate with a reputable and experienced bungee jumping company. We are registered with Ministry of Tourism (MOT), Government of Goa, GOA Tourism and we are allied member of ATOAI (Adventure Tour Operator of Association India)  

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